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ICP’s Total Solution approach is designed to help our customers focus on their business objectives and create strategic advantage through use of advance technology in their plant management. We offer a range of services through our multidisciplinary structure, from initial planning to system maintenance:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Project management
  • Basic & Detail Design
  • Programming & Configuration
  • Simulation & Test
  • Procurement
  • Control Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Workstation Manufacturing
  • System Configuration& Programming
  • Installation & Calibration
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Upgrade & Renovation
  • Training Courses

Our activities and services are divided into following major solution categories:

•             Process Automation

Process Automation is the backbone of any modem plant. Our system design approach allows plant operators to achieve the highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant plant operation. Our range of Automation Systems is comprehensive and ranges from PLC based control systems for water treatment plants to complex DCS based systems managing complex onshore and offshore plants.

•             Factory Automation

The motivation to automate manufacturing processes includes increasing production capacity, improving product quality, reducing direct labor and increasing level of safety and flexibility; ultimately leading to a leaner and more attractively positioned investment.

ICP has been delivering Control and Monitoring systems to customers across diverse production plants such as metals, automotive, food processing. Consumer products, chemicals and more.

  • FAS: Factory Automation System
  • MCS: Machine Control System
  • PCS: Package Control System
  • DOC: Direct Digital Controller
  • MHS: Material Handling System
  • PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
  • HMI: Human Machine interface

•             Substation Automation

Substation automation and protection provides reliable and efficient systems for vital network nodes as well as for small substations used in transmission and distribution networks. They provide a multitude of functions and applications for data acquisition, control, monitoring and protection. Our solutions offer flexible configurations for seamless integration in line with the latest IEC 61850 standards for substation automation systems.

•             SAS: Substation Automation System

  • DCS: Distributed Control System
  • SCS: Substation Control System
  • PMS: Power Management System
  • PDCS: Power Dist. Control System
  • EMS: Energy Management System

•             Building Automation

Building automation systems bring comfort, safety & security, energy management and luxurious lifestyle to modern buildings. Thanks to open communication standards and interfaces, ICP integrates and connects a multitude of different building control disciplines ranging from heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and blinds to safety features and equipment; enabling an integrated communication platform to deliver the information needed for users to make smarter decisions and control operation. We believe our BAS/BMS designs to be ingenious solutions incorporating world-class technologies.

  • BMS: Building Management System
  • BAS: Building Automation System
  • IBS: Intelligent Building System
  • EMS: Energy Management System
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Home
  • Home Automation
  • Office Automation

•             SCADA & Telemetry

SCADA and Telemetry solutions are proposed for control and monitoring offield operations across widely dispersed infrastructures. These automation solutions are usually implemented by means ofWide Area Networks (WAN) and/or Telecommunication Networks. lCP offers a complete range of solutions for data acquisition, data transmission,

data los,?ing, remote operations management as well as improved data m,rnng and management system based on modem integrated Telemetry and SCADA Solutions.

  • SCADA: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
  • RTU: Remote Terminal Unit
  • Telemetry System
  • Tele-Control System
  • Tele-Monitoring System
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