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Established at 2006, Intelligent Control & Processing Co. is a System Integration Company which has been engaged with the industry for more than a decade. ICP has established a remarkable track record throughout years of commitment to serve its clients across a diverse range of industries. lCP specializes in provision of a comprehensive range of products and services from Engineering to Turn key Project Solutions. Our Solutions are currently being used in Process and Factory Automation, Substation Automation as well as Building Automation.

We have also made supply chain agreements with global brands to provide complementary products such as Field Instruments, Motors and Drives. Since 2016 ICP is a member of Iran Tablo Co. , who is known as the first private electrical panel manufacturer in IRAN.

Our Vision is to be the in a leading position on CFE’s “System Integrator Giants” list, by 2025. ICP’s principal approach is to maximize and share benefits raised from its capabilities with its customers, shareholders, business partners and talented personnel. We aim to provide each and every client with the most effective and optimized solution right from basic design concept to the commissioning stage. Our systems go through systematic, comprehensive and rigorous test procedures and are fine-tuned against world-class benchmarks, before they are delivered. ICP retains a close working relationship with its clients and provides the necessary ongoing support for operational lifetime of its solutions. Here at ICP we reinforce Innovation, Teamwork, Effectiveness and Flexibility. Our corporate values are built on principles of Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Safety with a strong ethic on Environmental and Social Responsibility. Our practical approach to System Design ensures delivery of a Comprehensive, Robust and Reliable total solution. This would not be possible without an outstanding group of carefully selected talented engineers we like to call the ICP “Engineering Engine”.

We consider quality as the paramount ingredient to success and strive to continually advance our standards, task by task, through a rigorous audited Quality Assurance regime.

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